The Five-Second Rule of Web Site Copy: Make it Work for You

It takes the average visitor to your web site just about five seconds to decide whether to read on or move on to another site. That’s why strong headlines are absolutely critical on every page.

I specialize in developing attention-grabbing headlines that compel readers to read the rest of your web copy. Headlines that appeal to your target markets’ desires and dreams and position your company above the ordinary. Unlike many copywriters, I write all your headlines before starting work on any of the body copy. You have the opportunity to review them; only when you are completely satisfied with the headlines do I write the rest of your web site.

I also search out the best keywords for your business and incorporate them seamlessly into the body copy to maximize your web site’s Search Engine Optimization. Once the copy is written, we work together to finalize it; my rate quotes always include two revisions of all work. I also confer with your web designer so that the words and visuals are perfectly in sync—this service is provided at no additional charge to you.

Whether you are developing a web site from scratch or revising an existing site, please email me or call me at 303-748-2024 to discuss how to make the Internet work best for you. A ½ hour interview and proposal are yours with absolutely no obligation.